2019, Lets Do This! – Part 1

This year was an interesting one for sure…

  • We welcomed our fourth child!
  • Closed our downtown office
  • Started working on our new office
  • Downgraded our staff
  • Our son started school
  • We went to Waco to visit the Magnolia Market (TWICE!)
  • I upgraded my wedding blog to focus more on Southwest Louisiana
  • We quit coffee
  • The kids played soccer for the first time (and my husband coached)
  • We posted only 85 posts on our business Instagram account (in the whole year)
  • My husband and I started a new tradition of taking a birthday trip together once a year – just us two. This year we went to New York!
  • And our youngest is almost 1 year old and I have barely figured out how to work from home with our two youngest

It was a whirl wind, with many more ups and downs in between these listed. It was a good year, but I can’t say that I am sad to see it go.

Also I have to admit, Christmas wasn’t very festive for me this year. I think part of it was the fact that it snowed last year and that NEVER happens here, so its kind of hard to top that. But instead of holding on to Christmas just a little bit longer, I actually took down the Christmas tree and decor before the day was even over. 

I am genuinely excited for the New Year however! Mostly because I LOVE a fresh start (that’s why I tend to like Mondays while everyone else hates them) and a new year, with new goals, and new fresh outlook is like comfort food for me. The other reason I get excited for the New Year is basically because January is my birthday month so that’s always fun to look forward to 🙂


I usually try and share a bit about my Powersheets prep each year, but I don’t think I have ever shared my goals online before. So this year, I want to put them out there and have you all help me be accountable to reach those! Before I dive into those new goals, I wanted to flip back to my 2018 goals and share how I did with those – because some of those are creeping into 2019 with a few tweaks (and a lot more confidence).

Goal 1: Prep my son for school
How It Went: I feel like I could have done better with this because we kinda made the decision to let him test last minute, but he did get into school and started Kindergarten a year early! We are super proud of him and its been wonderful watching him thrive and learn this school year.

Goal 2: Work/Home Balance
How It Went: I actually did make progress on this for the first half of the year. But after our two oldest started school, the little ones lost their “entertainment” and it honestly got harder and harder to get work done with just the two little ones at home. At the same time, I have learned that this is an ongoing and ever changing progression. There is no official answer to how to balance home and work, because our lives change and develop each day. But over all I think that that realization, and the fact that I keep pushing forward is an achievement.

Goal 3: Fill Out Our Promptly Journals
How It Went: I did actively try and keep these up over the year and having this as a goal helped a lot. Updating the new stuff is a lot easier than adding in the older things (since I started them later with my older kids) – but I might try and add this as a reminder in one of my goals this year so I can keep this up. I highly recommend these journals and you can check them out here.

Goal 4: Get Healthy, Lose Weight
How It Went: Big fail. I cut coffee in the past few months (which has been great), but I’ll be working on this in 2019 for sure.

Goal 5: Potty Train Baby #3
How It Went: Didn’t do this one either. 2 years old has always been a little too early for me to believe they are ready to start using the potty, but her grandparents have been actively trying when she is over there so we will try and start a little bit at home as well.

Goal 6: Build my Louisiana Wedding Blog
How It Went: In a sense, this was something I achieved…but not in the way I expected. I recently revamped my wedding blog to focus more on Southwest Louisiana and expanded it to not only cover wedding planning in the Lake Area, but encouraging learning about our local history and actively participating in SWLA life as well! I am very excited about this and all the fun things I have planned.

Goal 7: Pay Off Debt
How It Went: We still have a long way to go, but we did make progress on this one too so I am super encouraged by that!

Goal 8: Create a Product
How It Went: I did not make progress on this goal and I ended up changing it for my refresh, but I do have a few ideas for this and I have developed them throughout the year.

Goal 9: Be A Good Influence For My Kids
How It Went: I have made major progress here this year. I think my word for 2018 (JOY) really helped me focus more on not raging out, and purposefully loving and showing them how to love.

Also, at the Spring refresh, I made some adjustments to my goals:
– I adjusted Goal 9 to “Study God’s Word with the Kids”
– And then added a 10th Goal of Focused Prayer (praying big)

For the Summer I kept them the same, and then for the Fall I got better at tweaking them to be more specific and added “Make Money in my Sleep” which I hope to work on more in 2019, and then “Personal Relationship with the Lord” focusing more on digging in the Bible to learn and spend time with Him instead of doing it out of blind habit. 

So that’s it! That’s what I had for 2018 and how it went. It really is so helpful to look back at these and see where I did make progress, and see what I might still want to work on going into this new year. 

Tomorrow I will share my 2019 goals and what I hope to achieve in this new year! See you then 🙂

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