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5 Faith-Based Books Available for Pre-Order

The other day I realized I have a bunch of books in my Amazon cart that are Pre-Orders. That means two things: I need to get to reading the books I have so I can dig into these when they do come out, but also that there are a ton of cool books coming out in the next few months!

Since I really am looking forward to these gems coming out, I thought it might be nice to share them with you all! I will go ahead and list them by nearest release date and include a link so you can check them out yourself!

1 – “Courageous Creative” by Jenny Randle
A 31 Day Interactive Devotional
AVAILABLE NOW! Released: October 2, 2018

2 – “Homebody” by Joanna Gaines
A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave
Releases: November 6, 2018

3 – “Purpose” by Jordan Lee Dooley
Breaking Through Insecurities, Expectations, and the Pressure to Prove
Releases: March 19, 2019

4 – “A Love Letter Life” by Jeremy & Audrey Roloff
Pursue Creatively, Date Intentionally, Love Faithfully
Releases: April 2, 2019

5 – “Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday” by Valerie Woerner
Say Goodbye to Stressed, Tired, and Anxious, and Say Hello to Renewed Joy in Motherhood
Releases: April 9, 2019

Here is a quick list of a few more books that aren’t in my cart, but are also releasing and might be something you would like to add to yours!

“Mercy Like Morning” by Jane Johnson
Discovering Truth in Seasons of Waiting
AVAILABLE NOW! Released: : October 2, 2018

“Strong Girl, Brave Girl” by Kelsey Baldwin
A Single Mother’s Candid Story of Reconciling a Life Unexpected and Navigating the Messy In-Between

What are some books you can’t wait to read? Do you have a stash of books saved for later in your Amazon cart? Let me know I am not the only one!

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