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5 Things Owning a Business Taught Me About Life

As I was (finally) cleaning up my house yesterday, I began thinking about all of the life lessons I have learned running a business. Things that have built me up, and set me up to be a stronger and more productive wife, mother and business owner. So many aspects of this journey have taken me out of my comfort zone, and made me into this woman I could never have foreseen just a few short years ago.

Here are the 5 Things Owning a Business Taught Me About Life:

  1. How to Anticipate Other Needs
    When working with people, we have learned that we always have to keep our ears open. We listen to learn their likes, their dislikes, their vision, and learn a bit about their story. As we sub-consciously gather this information through conversation, we also have to use our past experience to anticipate and prepare for what our clients might need.
  2. Thinking Outside The Box
    This one is HUGE for me. This is not my normal style. My husband is a professional thinker out of the box, but me? I usually think of the most obvious solution. I’m a doer, and not much of a thinker upper. But lately, I’ve realized that I am so much better at thinking outside of the box in all areas of my life.
  3. God Provides
    This is my BIGGEST life lesson through this journey has been learning how great God’s provision is for our life. When I was in school, my parents provided for me. I didn’t think much of it then, but as I started my own family and took on more responsibility (paying our own bills, buying our own food, buying a house, getting health insurance) I fell into a comfort of having a job to provide for these things. But when we had our daughter and I felt pulled home with her, and had to step out on faith to quit my job. Shortly after, my husbands job had a restructuring and he was in a situation where he had to choose a different unappealing position in the company or make a career change. It was big, and it was scary. There were so many unknowns. But through that time, and many years after, we have seen God provide a way for us when we see NO WAY. From regular worker, to business owner, we see that we had a certain dependance on our “regular jobs” that we don’t get with owning our own business. Our pay was consistent, it came every month and we worked only when we were “at work.” But when we became full time business owners we didn’t have consistent pay, there was no guarantee we would make any money at all – but the bills were consistently coming none the less. We didn’t have health insurance anymore, and we didn’t have specific hours to work – and in fact we worked MORE hours, but without overtime pay. But through all this time we watched God make a way. We began depending on Him instead of a job, or our own selves.
  4. How to Problem Solve
    This comes from constantly having to be on our toes. Many years of photographing weddings helps a lot. We never know what situation we will face, so we have to adapt and find a new solution to the problem.
  5. How to Step Up and Lead
    I am not a natural born leader. But through the years God has put me in positions of leadership, and I have watched Him build me into a leader that most importantly works to lead others to Him.

It is a struggle, and so much responsibility….but some days amongst the chaos…I can see clearly for a bit and sit amazed at all that the Lord has blessed us to accomplish. My husband and I could not do any of this without His guidance, and without His constant provision. I am thankful and I am in awe, of how much I have learned and grown in such a small span of time.



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