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7 Books I Want to Read in 2021

Soooo, is it normal to have 7 books pre-ordered in your Amazon cart?
No? Oh well, I have 7 books pre-ordered in my Amazon cart and I am sharing what they are with you right here!

Book 1

FIGHTING FORWARD by Hannah Brencher
Released: January 5

This one just released on January 5 and I am already digging in! Reading this book is like having your bestie run alongside you encouraging you to keep on running!

You can grab a copy here: Fighting Forward

Book 2

Releases: January 20

I haven’t read any of Donald Miller’s books yet (though I have a few on my “want to read” list), but I pre-ordered one to hopefully ready with my husband who loves learning more about business.

You can grab a copy here: Business Made Simple

Book 3

Releases: February 9

I have read (and loved) all of Emily Ley’s books thus far, so I am super excited to dig into this one as well!

You can grab a copy of this one here: Growing Boldly

Book 4

NO PAIN NO GAINES by Chip Gaines
Releases: March 16

If you know me at all you know I am a fan of all things Magnolia/Chip & Jo. We have visited Magnolia Market 4 times, and I am already itching to visit again (and see the new chapel area!) I have been binging the Magnolia Network preview over on Discovery+, and I have read and/or own almost all of Chip and Jo’s books, so I am looking forward to reading Chip’s newest book!

You can grab a copy of this one here: No Pain No Gaines

Book 5

HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME by Morgan Harper Nichols
Releases: March 30

Morgan Harper Nichols hasn’t shared about this book yet (to my knowledge) so I don’t really know what to expect, but I have a growing collection of her books and artwork, so I went ahead and pre-ordered this one!

You can find out more here: How Far You Have Come

Book 6

WELL-WATERED WOMAN by Gretchen Saffles
Releases: April 6

I have been a fan of Gretchen Saffles products for a few years now, so I am so excited to read her first book when it launches this Spring!

Grab a copy of this one here: The Well-Watered Woman

Book 7

Releases: April 20

I have a lovely growing collection of Michael Hyatt’s business books, so I am looking forward to adding this one and giving it a read!

You can find out more about this one here: Win At Work Succeed at Life

That is all I have for now! I hope you will dive into some of these books with me this year!

What books are you looking forward to reading this year?

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