Are your kids bored in the car without electronics? – Mom Tip

Little voice from the backseat of the car: “Mooooooooom, can I have your phone?”

Me: “No, my phone is charging/I’m using my phone for directions”

Kids: “But I’m so booooored” *followed by further whining the rest of the way home*

I can’t be the only one who dreads hearing the phrase “I’m bored” coming from the backseat of the car. My kiddos get into seasons where they feel like they need to have electronics to keep them entertained (which is a problem in and of itself), and my instinctive reply of “Look out the window” never cut it.

But one day on our way home from school, I offered a super simple suggestion that I am going to share with you today which has been a hit ever since! Ready? My suggestion was to count cars.

I had two whiners with me in the car, so I proposed a competition between the two of them. They each picked a color car and then counted how many of that color vehicle they saw out the window. This kept my kiddos busy all the way to our destination!

Here are some more counting car tips:

– If you only have one kiddo who wants to play or your children ask you to play along (which can be little difficult while driving) pick a car color that you are pretty sure you will not see many of. That way your kiddo stays busy counting, but you are able to stay focused on driving, still get to play along, and chances are high they will win. I usually pick a blue color, there will be blue cars, but not near as much as other colors!

– If you need variation, try counting houses instead.

– For cars, we have found that whoever picks the color white, usually wins (same with houses). Other popular colors to make it even if you or your kids are competing: black, silver, and then red usually has a good bit but not as much as the others. For houses, we have also counted brick houses instead of a specific color.

It has been so fun watching my family spend time together on our trips here and there! With a lot less fussing! My husband really gets into the competition, so that is always funny to listen to.

Have you played a variation of this game with your kids? Do you have another fun game you play together? I’d love to hear how this helps you and your family!

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