Breastmilk Inventory Tracker – Free Download!

Stocking up on breastmilk is a new thing for me – even with this being our fourth child! My three oldest kiddos were all breastfed for 1 year (or more), but I breastfed them pretty much exclusively and only pumped if we had a big event that we needed to let the baby stay with family for. We recently had a wedding to photograph (our first since we had the baby) and I knew I needed to pump at least 10 oz to cover the time we would be at the wedding. At first I was just putting milk in the freezer trying to keep a mental list of how much I had stored…but thaaaat didn’t work after a while – I just have too much going on to keep track in my head! So, I started keeping track on a sticky note (the pink note pictured below) when I put milk in and when I took some out. My messy little list got confusing towards the end, so I had the idea to design this quick Breastmilk Freezer Inventory tracker list to print out and put in place of the sticky note!

I designed the list to print two trackers on a letter size page. Also, I printed mine on card stock that I had laying around (not a requirement, but makes it a bit more sturdy!) Feel free to download and print your own at the bottom of this post, or share this post with a breastfeeding momma friend who might need it!

NOTE – I don’t do this, but if you would like to, you can also write the date next to your total when you put milk in so you know when it was pumped! The last photo above has an example.

Breastmilk Freezer Inventory Tracker Download!

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