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DaySpring Devotional Doodle Journal | Review

I am so excited to share this fun project with ya’ll! A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to review DaySpring’s super cute Devotional Doodle Journal. Very quickly I decided that, although I was super excited to dig in and be creative, I didn’t want to just work through it by myself. Instead, I decided to do more of a “pass-along” thing where a group of friends, family, and I each take a turn doing a few pages at a time, and then pass it along to someone new. So that is what we did!

I decided to make a list of people that I wanted to include in my pass-along group (mostly because I wanted to get the book back in a certain time frame to photograph and get this review up) but I think it would also be really fun if the first person chooses a friend to pass it to, then that person chooses the next person, etc. – and then when the book is complete the devotional comes back home having reached many different people in lots of fun places, circles, and circumstances!

If I am honest, this kind of reminds me of a “pen pal” type idea, and that just makes me even more excited to do something like this again – or keep on passing this devotional around and see where it ends up!

  • I love the daily creative prompts. They weren’t difficult to do for any skill level, but they also made me step out of my shell and do something fun and different each day!
  • The devotional and creative prompt worked hand and hand each day. The devo helped me think through a specific topic just enough that I was able to complete the creative portion with intention and focus.
  • Each days prompt can be completed in a very short period of time. I didn’t have to sit down for 45 minutes to complete a page. I did take longer on some pages than others (like the stars page above, I got fancy and pulled out different papers and stickers to include on the page, so it did take me a little longer to complete – but it was my choice to do so.)
  • The devos didn’t require too much deep thought, so we were able to just read through, be creative, and then write a quick prayer to God thanking Him for things specific to the topic, or list out family we are thankful/praying for, write out song lyrics that make us think of the topic, etc. My daughter really loved it!

I think this would make a great gift to a friend, family members, students, and children. It would also be something fun to bring to small group and pass-along amongst the group (a different person takes it home for a week, then brings it back) so everyone can participate together in the devotional!

You can get your own copy of The Devotional Doodle Journal over at!


I wanted to take a quick moment to share a step-by-step walkthrough on how I made these picture bookmarks to mark each persons section in my pass-along project!

Please take a moment to tag me @createtrustdaily or #createtrustdaily if you make some of your own picture page markers! I would love to see what you are working on!

For this project you will need:
– Large paper clips
– A way to print out photos (on a photo paper or cardstock – regular copy paper won’t hold up long term)
– Washi tape
– Alpha stickers

1- Select the photos that you want to print out and use. Before I printed the photos of my friends/family I made sure and asked if they had a specific photo that they wanted me to use. For those who did not have a specific photo, I just went on Facebook and choose a nice photo that I thought would work.

2- Print out the photos.
I used the HP Sproket printer that my husband bought me for Christmas to print out my photos.

3- Cut out the photos removing any excess around their head, but leaving the bottom square.

4- Line up the paper clips.
I used the large paper clips to line up the back and see where I want to connect it. Sometimes I had to trim off the bottom a little, but for the most part my Sproket print outs were the correct size. My goal was to make sure that each persons face could be seen over the page edge when I finished.

5- Attach the paper clips.
This is the trickiest part – but it really isn’t too difficult. So with the smallest loop of the paper clip lined up to the bottom edge of your photo (shown above) you slip a 2-3 inch piece of washi tape with the sticky side down under the big loop and above the little loop. Another way to explain this is that you are going to tape the small loop of the paper clip to the picture back. After you stick that part, then wrap the edges of the washi around to the front and then back again until it is all wrapped around your photo bottom (as seen below).

6- Add your name/nickname with Alpha Letters.

Then that’s it! After that you have a pretty + nifty little page marker 🙂

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