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Follow The Leader

I have always been more of a follower than a leader. I didn’t need the attention, I was cool riding along and letting someone else make decisions. You wouldn’t see me raising my hand to be team leader at school or in group situations. I was super shy and avoided social interaction 75% of the time. But…over time…I have seen the Lord take that and mold it slowly to develop an unlikely leader in me. I mean, don’t get me wrong – He knew all along what I would become, but me? I would have never guessed I’d be so comfortable taking the reigns as often as I do now.

Now when I say I wasn’t a leader growing up you have to understand, I actually got pretty peeved by people copying what I did…that is how unaccustomed I was to leading! The fact that they were doing what I did made me annoyed. When I was in elementary school I used to draw names in block letters and color them in, or draw pictures of girls and design their clothes – and my friends would eventually see what I was doing and tell me “oh! make one for me too!” so I would, and then someone else would want one, etc. Over time some of my other friends started doing it as well. This bugged me so much I remember it specifically because it annoyed me. Why couldn’t they come up with their own thing to do?

Over time, I noticed instances where I would get this surge of “leader energy.” All of these instances were when I could tell the other people I was with were more reluctant than I was to be the leader. As a mom, I get this way more often since I am the adult and the one that has to take charge most of the time. But this also happens when I am working at a portrait session or with our senior spokesmodels too. The Lord has opened my eyes over the years to think outside of my own “Chelsea comfort box” in these situations, and I realize that I am more equipped to make the decisions in those instances based on my experience.

So naturally, it is easier for me to follow God, than it is for me to lead others. But when I look back on the past few years I see that God has been molding me and setting me up to do so much more. He has me leading small groups, running blogs and businesses, and running sessions on my own. He is still using the creativity He gave me from day one, to create and develop new ideas and things – and He is bringing them to life. I see others doing the things we do and still get that tinge of annoyance, but then I also see that God is setting a path before us. He has a purpose and a plan for us and it doesn’t matter what “others” are doing because we are focused on our path. And in that – we are leaders. As weird as it is for me. We are leading and we are also following…and it is beautiful.

When our Leader is our Creator some pretty amazing things happen. And when we are leading others to Him – that is truly even more amazing!

Thank you Lord for using me to share Your love. 

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