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This is how I stay focused on achieving the goals that really matter.

$10 Off: Full Focus Planner
I just purchased my 3rd Full Focus Planner and it has been a game changer for helping me get things done on work days!


I have one for each one of my 4 kiddos! This is my favorite way to document their childhood.

Val Marie Paper: 2020 PRAYER JOURNAL
I am stepping up my prayer game this year, wanna join me?

Current Favorite Book:
Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday by Valerie Woerner

Favorite Online Shop:
GrowthRootsCo’s Growth Book
I use my Growth Book EVERY DAY! For book notes and quotes, for Bible study, for lists, for ALL THE THINGS!

My Bible Journaling Must Have:
The Illustrating Bible

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My 2019 Reads + What I Am Reading in 2020 (Updated Monthly)

Powersheets from Cultivate What Matters

My Sisters and I Stay at an official Fixer Upper House!

Bible Study Notes on Marriage

My 21 Day Social Media Fast

Old Faithfuls

A List of My Favorite Resources + Products!

Bible Study Notes

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