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Look, Look, Look – A Snippet from Charles Spurgeon

“Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.” – Isaiah 45:22

‘It does not say I am to see, it only says look. If we look on a thing in the dark we cannot see it, but we have done what we are told. So if a sinner only looks to Jesus, He will save him. For Jesus in the dark is as good as Jesus in the light. And Jesus when you cannot see Him is as good as Jesus when you can.’
Charles Spurgeon

‘One says I have been moral and upright observing the laws of the land and if there is anything else to do I will do it. I will eat only fish on Fridays and keep all the fasts of the church if that will save me.

No sir, that will not save you. Your good works are good for nothing.

What? Must I be saved in the same way as a harlot or a drunkard?

Yes sir, there is only one way.’ – Charles Spurgeon


Love listening to these sermons from Charles Spurgeon (The Selected Sermons of Charles Spurgeon – Volume 1)! So far this year my husband and I have made it through a whole audio book thanks to Audible (it was Dave Ramsey’s – The Legacy Journey…it is great and highly recommended from us!) and I am looking forward to many more books devoured this year, both by myself individually but also together as a couple. It’s so special to me that we are learning and growing together.

Be blessed!

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