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My 7 Favorite Products from The Daily Grace Co

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I have to admit – I have a growing collection of products from The Daily Grace Co. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you are in for a treat! I have compiled a list of some of my favorite products that I have bought and use from The Daily Grace Co. here for you as a sneak peek, but you can check out their website (and current sale) HERE!

The Bible Handbook

I love having The Bible Handbook close when I do my Bible study! I mostly pull it out when I start reading a new book of the Bible, but it also has a bunch of fun charts and graphics that teach you specific things regarding each book of the Bible that can be referenced in-between!

Currently 50% off!

The Story of Redemption Journal Bundle

Okay, I started off buying just one of The Story of Redemption Journals to see if it would hold my notes per chapter, and then I ended up buying the whole rest of the set! I am currently reading in Numbers so I keep Volume 1 close for jotting down notes as I read through my Bible chapter each day.

My Scripture Workbook – Character

I got this for my kids and it has become a staple in our morning routine! The kids and I turn on a record (yes a vinyl record, trust me it adds to the experience!) of worship music and we pull out our Scripture Workbooks and write the scripture for the day! My two oldest write in this one, and my 5 year old (who doesn’t read yet) uses the Colored with Grace Kids Coloring Book (shown next!)

Colored with Grace – Kids Coloring Book

My two oldest write in the Scripture Workbook, and my 5 year old (who doesn’t read yet) uses the Colored with Grace Kids Coloring Book to do her morning scripture work! She loves feeling like one of the big kids and coloring the pages. Some days we can even match the big kids theme of the day to a page in her coloring book!

Fruit of the Spirit – Board Book

The Fruit of the Spirit Board Book is another product that my 5 year old loves! She can’t read yet, but it is the book she always seems to grab off the shelf for me to read with her. Not only does she love seeing the cute fruit illustrations, but she spells out each fruit of the spirit letter by letter! (She totally started doing this on her own, but it is a blessing for this momma who is working hard to teach her letters this year!)

Currently on sale for $5!

Dwell Scripture Memory Journals

These are awesome for busy mommas (or days when momma is busy) who still want to get into the Word! The Dwell Scripture Memory Journals are basically like the Scripture Workbooks for grown-ups. I also bought one of these, then ended up going back and buying the rest of the set! And I am kinda flipping out right now because these are currently on sale for $5 a piece! There are four versions: Psalms of Praise & Psalms of Thanksgiving, Growing in Grace, Walking by Faith, and Beloved Bible Passages!

Get all four for $20!

Blush Bible Tabs

Okay, I haven’t gotten these Blush Bible Tabs yet but that is because they are were sold out! I have already signed up to be notified when they are available again!

Currently on sale for $5!

These are just my favorites y’all, there are so many more goodies over at The Daily Grace Co! Bibles, Bible studies, mugs, totes, tees, and so much more! I hope this helped you find some fun new products to draw you closer to the Lord. Be sure to let me know what goodies you got in the comments!

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