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My Go To Bible Study Tools for Quiet Time

My favorite time in the whole day! Ya’ll – I loooooove my Bible study time. But before we even dig into this post, let me set the record saying that my quiet time isn’t consistently at a certain part of my day on a regular basis.

On a normal day, I get to read my Bible in the morning after my husband leaves to take the big kids to school. But if the little kids wake up, or I have to get something done immediately for work, or if we have to leave to go somewhere in the morning I have to be flexible.

The key for me, is to just make sure that having this time is a daily priority.

It’s something I look forward to and as soon as I get free moment to go sit somewhere with my Bible I do. There are days I miss, and there are times when I try and get work done first then end up regretting that I didn’t spend that Bible study time FIRST (ya’ll may need coffee, but I need my quiet time!)

A few months back I was super fancy with my Bible studying. I had the highlighters and color pencils. I was Bible journaling, drawing, and adding cute stickers. It was fun and I love having that, but I got overwhelmed with it after a few months. I didn’t have the energy to be cute and creative every day, and then my half attempts just made me frustrated. So I packaged up my highlighters and stickers and just started underlining verses with a pen and writing notes in the margin of my Bible. That’s it! It’s not pretty, but it helps me really study and think about what I am reading without distraction or pressure.

The Daily Must Haves

First, I want to share with you the few things I use daily. I took these pictures below the other day to show all the tools I used a few weeks ago (on the left) versus what I grab now (on the right). I’ll share details about both stacks below because they are super useful and helped me through different seasons!


1 ) Give Me Jesus Journal by Well-Watered Women

I love this journal and highly recommend it! It holds 90 days of daily journaling in companion to reading your Bible. I used three of these 90 day journals to make my Bible study a daily habit before upgrading to the yearly option I use now.

2) Prayer Journal – this is where I would write out prayer requests (for myself or others) and prayers. It is just a journal I purchased from Target and only pulled out when I needed to write in it.

3) Creative notebook – This is another journal I got from Target. I used it to keep notes for sermons, podcasts, or She Works His Way video classes.

4) My Bible! – I am currently reading through my Bible from front to back and I am using an ESV Single Column journaling bible. This bible has a 2 inch margin that I use to write notes, verses, prayers or sometimes the date I read that certain section of scripture.


1)I am still going through the ESV Single Column journaling bible and will continue using it until I complete my goal of reading it from front to back.

2) Quiet Time Companion
I just started using this a week and a half ago. I set a personal of goal of using it for a month before I share a review with you, but I am loving it thus far! Keep an eye out for more info on this soon!

Bible Journaling

I still do Bible journaling! I really do love to do this its so fun! I just don’t do it on a daily basis. I do this more when I have a certain idea or some free time to just sit and be creative (super rare!)

1) Bible – Illustrated Bible
This Bible was created for Bible journaling! The feature I love about this one are a 4 inch margin to journal + create in and it is wire bound so you can fold it back like a notebook and work on one flat page. It is only available from DaySpring, and it is only available in the CSB edition (which I love so this is another bonus!)

2) Illustrated Faith – Digital downloads
I love the cute designs from Illustrated faith! They have a team and come out with new designs each week. I download and save these on my external drive to print and use as needed. You can print them out on regular paper then cut them out and glue them on your Bible page. Or my favorite way to use them, is to print them out on clear sticker paper and then cut them out and stick them on that way.

3) Printing out stickers – Clear sticker paper
I wanted to link the clear sticker paper I use when I print out my Illustrated faith digital designs. It is a full page of sticker so it requires no set up, just put the sticker paper in the paper feed of your printer and print out like a normal sheet of paper. I do have to print one page at a time or my printer gets crazy and starts sucking up multiple pages – just a tip!

4) Other add ons
– Alpha stickers (letters and numbers) – Studio Calico
– Stamps (I shop Illustrated Faith or Studio Calico)

That’s it for now! If you would like to see more of my favorite products + all the things, feel free to check out my resources page!

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