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Quick Notebook Entry on Sin

I always hear people throw out “but Jesus hung around with sinners” as an excuse to why it’s okay to… [insert whatever they are trying to justify with that one “fact”]. The problem with this statement is God tells multiple people multiple times not to associate with those who are not following Him (Abraham with Sodom and Gomora; Solomon in 1 Kings who turned from the Lord after marrying foreign wives) because He made us and knows we are more likely to fall into temptation and away from Him if we do so.

Yes, Jesus “hung out” with sinners and saved them from being stoned to death. We are to love those around us and shine His light amongst them – NOT by condoning what they do, but by being a living example of the Lord with our own actions. Here is what most people don’t take into consideration… when Jesus “hung out” with the sinners they started following him, turning from their sin. He didn’t say “Oh you were an adulterous woman, but no one is without sin just do what you do,” He said STOP what you were doing and follow me.

He was tempted in every way and never faltered – I’m not sure about you, but I can’t say the same about myself. So when the Lord convicts me not to do something I have a better chance of not being around that temptation than to let it creep in even a little bit over time. Your sin is not a badge of honor. I don’t love you because of your sin. I love you because God made you and He loves you, and I love you SO much I don’t want you to live in that sin anymore because He is better than whatever temporary pleasure that sin gives.

No, everyday won’t be perfect with sunshine and roses. No, everyday won’t be free of tears and pain, but the worst day with Him is 1,000 times better than the best day without Him. #fact

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