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Review of the CSB Spurgeon Study Bible

I have been testing out a new Bible for the past few weeks! To be honest, it was hard to leave my trusty ESV journaling Bible in the drawer and grab this one instead (it is my old faithful!), but I was interested in checking out the CSB Spurgeon Study Bible for two main reasons:

1- I have enjoyed reading sermons by Charles Spurgeon in the past
2 – Checking out the new Christian Standard Bible® (CSB) version has been on my to do list for a while!

The version I have is the CSB Spurgeon Study Bible, Brown/Tan Cloth Overboard and I have a few simple Pros and Cons to share with you!

1 – It’s gorgeous and so much better in person than the images even give it credit for!
2 – This is my first time checking out the CSB version and I really enjoy reading it! It is easy to read and close enough to the ESV version I have been reading previously for me to feel comfortable with the translation.
3 – I guess it depends on what you are looking for, but this Bible is larger in size which was a total bonus for me! I love its larger size and how sturdy it is. I realized pretty quickly that I LOVE that the words are a bit larger so it is super easy to read (especially for a two column layout).
4 – This is also my first study Bible so I enjoy having the insights from Spurgeons teachings throughout the Bible. I thought it would distract me, but the Spurgeon additions are not overwhelming and are actually a nice surprise to see when they show up.

1 – I have been using a journaling Bible for the past few years and it immediately bugged me not having room to write notes in my Bible.
2 – Along the same lines as the previous comment, the pages are thinner and I’m scared to highlight with my regular markers and highlighters so I have been looking into gel highlighters. (UPDATE: I did end up getting some gel highlighters from The Daily Grace Co. and they work amazing! Highly recommend!)

I love this Bible and LOVE having it as a study reference! I find myself reading from it daily, and if I do end up wanting to write notes in my Bible I just pull out my journaling Bible and add them in there. I also love sharing the Spurgeon quotes online and my friends and family seem to be encouraged and challenged by them.

Here are some quotes I have pulled and shared in just the past few weeks:

“God never gave His people permission to sin, and sin in them is worse than sin in any other people, for they sin against more light and more love. Therefore, it grieves the Lord more, and He strikes all the more heavily;” – Charles Spurgeon

“Faith believes God under all circumstances and believes that the truest common sense is to obey God’s Word.” – Charles Spurgeon

“We are busy about a thousand things but sluggish about our souls.” – Charles Spurgeon


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