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The Vision Driven Leader – BOOK REVIEW

Quick note: I have linked to some really fun resources in this post for you! Some of these links may be affiliate links.

I have been a long time fan of Michael Hyatt and all the great information he has been sharing for the past few years! In fact, as my family has been home spring cleaning (I feel like we aren’t the only ones doing some major cleaning and sorting during the COVID-19 quarantine) I even found an old print out from one of Michael Hyatt’s webinars called the “7 Deadly Sins of Productivity” which had such great gems that I wrote them in my current Growth Book!

More recently, I use Michael’s Full Focus Planner to help me focus and keep on track with work. I am a planner person, so it was inevitable that I would at least give the Full Focus Planner a try, but I start my THIRD planner in April (they are quarterly, so I am a year in!) and I am 100% convinced it has been a game changer for my productivity and ability to get the important things done each week. (If you have trouble staying on track with your work, I highly recommend checking them out! Here is a link to $10 off!)

I say all this to say….I had high expectations for Michael Hyatt’s newest book! The subject for The Vision Driven Leader really stuck out to me because, if I am really honest, I don’t feel like I am a good leader naturally; but as a co-business owner I have a responsibility to lead and thus direct the vision for our business.

Very early on in his book, Michael Hyatt explains:

“Vision is the essential ingredient for successful leadership. There’s no substitute. Without it, influence fades along with the crowds. This is especially true in business. Unless you, as a leader, have a clear picture of the destination where you want your company to be in three to five years, you’ve got nothing that will inspire people to follow you.”

Michael Hyatt covers 10 questions in The Vision Driven Leader:
The first two questions help the reader understand what vision is and why it is important.
1) Are you a leader or a manager?
2) What difference does vision make?

The following five questions dig into drafting what Michael calls your “vision script.”
3) What do you want?
4) Is it clear?
5) Does it inspire?
6) Is it practical?
7) Can you sell it?

The last three questions prepare you for what to expect after your vision script it drafted. He helps you learn where to go with all this knowledge and what it looks like to put it into action!
8) How should you face resistance?
9) Is it too late?
10) Are you ready?

“Leaders create things that didn’t exist before. They do this by giving the tribe a vision of something that could happen, but hasn’t (yet).” – Seth Godin

Over on his podcast, Lead to Win (I told you – he has so many good resources!) – Michael and his team share Why Vision Matters in Crisis which digs into why having a vision for your business (or the team you lead) is especially important during this time of world crisis with COVID-19. I highly recommend checking the podcast episode out to help you address the current situation and plan your vision for the future, as well as learn a little more about The Vision Driven Leader.

Another recent podcast episode I found helpful from the Lead to Win podcast: How to Balance Remote Work and Family Life

If you order your copy before April 4, be sure to head over to claim all the amazing pre-order bonuses:

Resources highlighted in this post:
Growth Book from GrowthRoots Co
– Full Focus Planner (quarterly planner) – Here is $10 off your purchase!
The Vision Driven Leader book by Michael Hyatt (Launches today!)
– Michael Hyatt’s podcast “Lead to Win” (2 episodes shared: Why Vision Matters in Crisis and How to Balance Remote Work and Family Life)

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