There is strength when we unite as one, trusting in Him. The best part of being married is having someone there to help you up and remind you that ‘we can with His help’ when you hit bottom, and the second best part is you get to be that same someone for your spouse. He is the glue that holds us together.

To be honest, I thought it was getting easier – after 5 years of hitting bottom and gasping for air, grasping for Him to swoop in and save the day. It’s easier to trust Him, because I know He can – He has many times before. But it’s not easier to let go…yet. I feel so ashamed. Because I know better! I know He can do a way better job than I can, I know He shines brightest in my weakness. But why am I so surprised that in my comfort, when I start to walk a little to0 fast leaving Him a few paces behind wondering where I think I’m going when I don’t even know the way, He stops me in my tracks and says “wait, re-evaluate this.” It’s not easier, its not supposed to be easier – its not the same ol same ol because there is a new obstacle to overcome, that’s part of growing. But He is the same and He doesn’t let us down. Sometimes we need reminders that He is in control and His way is so much better than ours. I can retreat to the comfortable, or I can keep pushing through the hard and fulfill His plan.

Ya’ll – His plan is so much better. I never in my whole entire life imagined that I would be running a business, let alone have an amazing partner in business and life by my side. But God knew…He knew this whole time and He set things in place for us to grow and succeed because we put this business at His feet and said, “It’s all for You…do with it what You will.” We still have things to figure out, even 5 years later. There is PLENTY of room for improvement. But that keeps us real, and it keeps us pushing.

What I’m reading (personal): Nehemiah 8 and 9
What I’m reading (business):  ‘Find Your Extraordinary’ by Jessica Dilullo Herrin via Audible
What I’m listening to: ‘Called Me Higher’ – All Sons & Daughers


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