Walmart Grocery Pickup – What You Need To Know!

As a mom of four, I have to tell you that Walmart Grocery Pickup is honestly a game changer for me! Seriously! Since we had our fourth baby at the beginning of this year, going grocery shopping became a bigger and bigger feat. The baby would always have to come with me (and her whole carseat would go in the big part of the buggy – not leaving much room for groceries) and I would pray that she would stay calm or asleep long enough for me to get groceries. But now, all four kids ride with me and grocery shopping takes less effort and stress than I even imagined possible!

I have told any and everyone who would listen (especially if I run across them within the following few hours of picking up my groceries) about how much I love Walmart Grocery Pickup, and I was surprised that so many people were hesitant. Most of the hesitation was from not knowing how the process works exactly, so I decided to write this post to break it down, share some reasons I LOVE using Walmart Grocery Pickup, and cover the questions I have received so far.

Why I Love Ordering Groceries from Walmart Grocery Pickup

  • My previously ordered items stay saved in my account and I often only need to sort through those to place my next grocery order!
  • I can’t be the only one who gets to the store and stands in the aisle wondering if I have any cans of black beans left in my pantry, buy 4 cans “just to be safe”, then going home to find that I did indeed already have cans of black beans in my pantry and now have 8 cans. When I place my grocery order from my computer at home, I can physically go look in my fridge or pantry to make sure I don’t re-buy things that I already have! If there is some specific meal I know I want to make that week (or my husband or kiddos request something specific) I can sit there with the recipe and order all the ingredients I need and mark off the ones I already have!
  • Call me lazy if you want but going to the store to get groceries is a work out. Walk the whole store for an hour or hour and a half piling items in the grocery cart, taking them all out to put them on the checkout conveyor belt thing, putting them all BACK IN after the cashier scans and bags them, TAKING THEM BACK out to put them in my car, driving home, taking them out AGAIN to bring them in the house, and then finally putting them all up in their proper place at home. For me, I have to add getting multiple kids in and out (and then in and out again) if I make a trip.When I pickup my groceries I drive to the store, talk to the Walmart employee, THEY put the groceries in my car, I drive home, and then I take them out ONCE to bring them in my house and then put them up in their proper place. That is a MAJOR difference in time and effort!
  • I can take my kids with me to pick up groceries AND I don’t have to take any of them out. BAM.
  • Plus, I can schedule my grocery pickup for a time that works for my schedule. During the summer that might be 10 or 11 am after we are all up and have eaten breakfast. Then when the kids are in school I can schedule my pickup when I am on my way home from picking them up from school and have to be out and about anyway.
  • Did I mention that I don’t even have to get out of the car?
  • My newest favorite thing about ordering groceries is that I can mark specific things to not have substitutions. Over time there are somethings that I have had substitutions for that we didn’t end up liking, so I mark those specific items and if Walmart doesn’t have that item (or usually for us, enough of one item) they won’t substitute it for the thing we don’t care to eat. More on substitutions soon!

How It Works

1) To start using Walmart Grocery Pickup all you have to do is head over to the Walmart website and click the Grocery circle in the top right corner of the site or head over to

2) Before you start I highly recommend making an account. The reason I recommend this is that it saves all your previously ordered items and the next time you go to order your groceries you can just look through those items to re-order your favorite items!! Ya’ll this saves me SO MUCH time! While you are at it, go add the Walmart Grocery app to your phone and sign in while you remember your new account info you just created!

3) Select the store you would like to pick up groceries from! This is important to do before you add items since each store as different availability for specific items. Something that is in stock at one WalMart may not be somewhere else.

4) Type your item in the search bar and add as you find them! You can pick the quantity of a specific item (both while you are adding and after it is already added). You can search for items specifically by brand or just type in keywords and scroll until you find the one you need.

5) Once you have all your items in your cart hit check out. You will go past an extra screen with suggestions of things to add to your cart (if not the very first time it will later on with some of your favorite items), and you will confirm your Walmart location is the one you want to pickup from, and then select what time you want to go pick up your groceries. I usually plan this for when I will be out and about already, or when I think I should have free time.

6) At this point I save my appointment to pick up groceries in the calendar on my phone with an alarm to go off 30 minutes before. Usually my grocery order is actually ready 30 minutes before so I set the alarm to go check and see what the status of my order is!

7) This is something newer, but now you can mark things that you don’t want to be substituted. This works great for us when my husband selects a specific flavor or type of product. Honestly, this may take a while for you to figure out what you have preferences for, but if you are strict you can just mark none of them to be substituted. I am not a couponer, but I get the hook up often when they don’t have the 20 count Eggo Waffles and so they substitute it for the 40 count at no additional cost to me.

8) Finish up your order by entering your payment and then go about your day! If you remember something you would like to add right after you finish, you have a grace period of a few hours after you place your order to go back and add some more stuff in that you might have forgotten!

9) You will get an e-mail and an update in your grocery app when your groceries are ready for pick up! Once your groceries are ready, and you are on your way to get them, hit “Check In” on the app, give details about color of your car so they know which car is which when you arrive (they don’t have the color of our car on there so this isn’t a big deal), and they will be able to track your location until you get to the store so they know when you make it there!

10) After you pull up and park in a Pickup spot, you don’t have to do anything – the Pickup workers will roll your items out on a cart full of blue crates. If they don’t come out within 5-10 minutes of your arriving (especially if you use the app), then you can call the number on the sign in front of the Pickup parking spot. I had to do this once when I forgot to update my pickup location – Y’all, when I got the right store the worker was like “what in the world happened to you? We saw you on the way and then all the sudden you went further away and then came back”, I was like “girl I went to the whole wrong store! I sat there for 10 minutes wondering what was going on before I realized what I had done then I raced over here!”) Also, I saved this number in my phone for the times my app glitches and doesn’t let them track me.

11) They will walk up to your window, confirm you are who they have items for, and let you know if you have any substitutions. You have the choice to accept the substitutions or decline them. They have these bags marked and can pull them out and show you the substitutions. You don’t pay for items you don’t accept, and you don’t pay for any changes in price if they do substitute your order for something more expensive.

12) After they consult with you, they will ask where you would like them to put the groceries and they will start loading them in your car for you! I was super anxious about this part the first time I picked up my groceries because I was like, “do I get out and help them load them in my car? or do I let them load them and just sit here?” I helped twice when it was just me in the car, but when I bring my kids with me  I let the Walmart staff load them in themselves. What is the right way? They are there to help and load them in for you so just let them do it! If anything, ask them if they would like you to help and they always tell me “nope, I’ve got it.”

13) After your groceries are loaded up, they will give you a paper with some info to answer a survey and rate their service and that is it! You just picked up your groceries and all you have to do is go home and take them out your car and put them up!


Ready to Give It a Try?

I am 100% honestly writing this whole post because I LOVE using WalMart Pickup to get my groceries, but I did see that I can give you $10 off your first order with this referral link – so save away!

And after you use it, be sure to share your own referral link with your family and friends!


Questions or Hesitations?

Seriously, this is such a game changer for my family! But most of the time when I start raving about using it, people have hesitations. So please, if you have any questions about the whole process please ask away in the comments below!

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